Laparoscopic Appendectomy Study, Medscheme

22 May 2017

The final analysis of our six-month study was completed by Medscheme.  Fedhealth has now agreed to allow all appendectomies to be done laparoscopically, by SASES surgeons, in any hospital until the end of 2017.  The usual co‑payments which applied to these patients previously, still apply but letters of motivation by the surgeon will no longer be required.
The only criteria to be met are that:

  1. The surgeon stays within the set basket fee of R3 950 for disposable surgical equipment;
  2. The following plans are excluded:
  • Blue Door Plus
  • Dynamic Hospital
  • Dynamic Saver
  1. Should a surgeon operate on a Fedhealth patient and be found to have used more than the basket fee allocated, they will be contacted through SASES for an explanation as to why the cost was higher than the allocated cost structure.

We certainly, as Exco, are very pleased with the progress being made on this study but remind the surgeons that the ball is now squarely in our court – stay within the costing and we might well see this extended by other Medical Aids in 2018.
Yours sincerely
Dick Brombacher