R420 for 2020 (Won't break the bank)
If you are a member of ASSA then a consolidated amount can be paid to FOSAS, the umbrella surgical organisation. FOSAS will send invoices to current members. If you are only a member of SASES then the amount may be paid to SASES by EFT. Please use the contact form to request banking details.
Please send an email via the contact form to enquire.
There are no penalty fees but you will need to pay the current and previous year fees to retain benefits. Members who are not paid-up are not eligible for congress discounts or fellowships. The longer you remain a paid-up member, the more it counts in your favour if you apply for a fellowship.
  • Reduced SASES Congress fees.
  • Eligibility to apply for travel fellowships.(Only available to surgeons registered and practising in South Africa)
  • Publications and Information available on the website.
  • Educational Events and Webinars.
  • Be kept informed about meetings relevant to laparoscopic surgeons.
  • The Society develops guidelines and position statements about procedures and equipment.
  • There are ongoing negotiations with medical aids to further the interests of laparoscopy in SA. Your fees make this possible.
We consolidate the information supplied by candidates who apply by the cut-off date. A scoring system has been developed by SASES to objectively assess and score each applicant. Each Exco member scores each candidate independently. These scores are averaged and final candidates are chosen based on those who obtain the highest scores. Different fellowships have different scoring systems based on the overall objective of the fellowship.

Factors that are taken into account include:
Experience as a qualified surgeon, relevant work experience in the field, publications and presentations, whether career is primarily within state or private, duration of fully paid-up SASES membership, submitted CV and other information.
Surgeons from outside of South Africa are welcome to register on the website and join SASES. Membership fees are the same for all members. International members will receive the same benefits as local members with the exception that fellowships are restricted to general surgeons registered to practice in South Africa.
We send out limited text messages to remind about conferences or webinars. We only send out email information we feel is likely to be relevant to surgical practice and of interest. You may unsubscribe from these communication methods at any time. There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email or you may contact us via the contact form to do this.