Our Mission The Society was established to promote high standards of endoscopic surgery in South Africa. It will disseminate knowledge and training via academic meetings, training courses and sponsorships.  It will formulate and provide guidelines for basic and advanced laparoscopy. It will advise and assist official bodies such as South African Medical Association and the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) with credentialing issues and ethical issues arising from the practice of endoscopic surgery. It will seek to co-operate and interact with the other South African surgical societies and with international laparoscopic societies.

Committee Members 2018 / 2019

Prof Eugenio Panieri
Dr Dick Brombacher
Immediate Past President, Private practice matters
Prof Alp Numanoglu
Vice President, Training Centre
Dr Dino Sofianos
Dr Emile Coetzee
Secretary, Training colorectal surgery
Prof Zach Koto
Member: MAS Fellowship, Metabolic surgery
Dr Ravi Oodit
Member: ERAS, research
Dr Martin Brand
Member: Fellowships
Dr Grahame Reimers
Member: Website Webinars
Dr Heather Bougard
Member & HIG Chairman, surgical training
Dr Jeanne Lubbe
Member: Metabolic surgery