We realise you may be bombarded with information related to the COVID 19 outbreak.
These are useful links to information that may be useful in your efforts to manage the outbreak in your area.


Downloads are available on our website


COVID-Surgery Recommendations and Risk Calculator for Non-Emergency Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic (V2.26).

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Keeping the Coronavirus from Infecting Health-Care Workers

27 March 2020: Live Video:  Everything You Should Know about COVID-19

Latest guideline from Royal surgical colleges, The association of Surgeons of Great Briton and Ireland, Association of upper GI surgeons. They recommend full PPE for all surgical procedures and consider all surgical patients as Covid 19 positive

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Why Surgeons Don't Want to Operate Right Now:   A rising death toll among doctors in Italy provides a warning about the dangers of poor protection and testing.
by Therese Raphael

The Toughest Triage — Allocating Ventilators in a Pandemic

Critical Care Management of Patient Confirmed with COVID-19

Outcomes of elective cancer surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis

Guidelines for PPE Use During The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) Western Cape Government: Health

Theatre Protocol for suspected/confirmed SARScov2 infection

International Pulmonologist’s Consensus on Covid-19

What we do when a COVID-19 patient needs an operation: operating room preparation and guidance


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