SASES is proud to support and be affiliated with BARIAlink.

BARIAlink – created in 2016 by Dr. Bruno Dillemans – is a web-based knowledge base and participation network of bariatric and metabolic surgery specialists from all over the globe…

The primary aim of BARIAlink is to share and discuss at a highly professional level the challenges faced by surgeons in complex cases, innovative surgical procedures and new approaches to bariatric surgery, in order to raise the level of surgical excellence in this field.

Why BARIAlink?

Bariatric Surgery is a relatively new surgical subdiscipline, with scientific interest in the subject rapidly increasing, as well as the number of surgeries being performed worldwide.

An unfortunate side effect of this rapid evolution is the ever-changing nature of the discipline. Preferred bariatric procedures have quickly changed, and training has not always been carried out for long enough, or to a high enough standard for surgeons entering this appealing new domain.

As such, a broad spectrum of corrective-surgery including reversals, revisions and conversions has become necessary, but they are technically more challenging and are accompanied with a higher morbidity and mortality.

In order to improve the knowledge and skills to deal with these complex cases, BARIAlink was born and officially registered as a foundation in June 2017.

BARIAlink hosts regular academies and webinars in the field of bariatric surgery. Visit the upcoming events page for a schedule of future events