Medscheme approves Proventi Accreditation for Bariatric Surgery

SASES is proud to announce its efforts to represent members in discussions with Medical Schemes, and motivation regarding the performance of metabolic surgery has been fruitful.

We are pleased to inform you that the Medscheme Health Policy Unit (HPU), in addition to Discovery, has decided to include the Proventi accredited doctors and centres/hospitals in the Medscheme Bariatric funding protocol, effective 15 March 2021.

SASES will be the conduit partner between Proventi accredited metabolic surgeons and Medscheme with regular updates to Medscheme on which surgeons and centres are (a) currently accredited, (b) re-accredited or (c) disaccredited.

Proventi, aside from the accreditation, will conduct the quality assurance on an annual basis and immediately report to SASES the status of accredited surgeons and centres.

Proventi International Accreditation

It is the intention of all parties that the International Proventi Accreditation is eventually handed over to a South African body. This will likely be a sub-committee of the College of Surgeons of South Africa or a University based group.

As we endeavour to advance metabolic surgery in South Africa, we would welcome experienced Bariatric Surgeons to contact SASES to facilitate their accreditation along the established platforms.

Talks with GEMS is ongoing and we will keep you updated. Further information regarding Proventi accreditation may be obtained on the Proventi website